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Auto license plates

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1 hour ago, Mostlylost said:

The Recaudadora in Chapala is open Monday to Friday from 8:30am until 2:30PM   No need to go to Guadalajara. 

Car registration and Drivers licenses are done in  two different places. 

However, isn't that by appointment only?

What a friend of mine did was go there first to get an appointment and then return for his plates.


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Just now, ibarra said:

I must admit to being confused.  We renewed registration in early February.  Are we supposed to be getting new plates for our cars? If yes, where and when was this announced? 

No you do not need to get new plates with a registration renewal.

I bought a car and changed the plates for my own reasons. Sometimes a plate is stolen or lost. There are many reason someone needs new plates.

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8 hours ago, cyberjack said:

I had read that the Chapala office had closed March 23 and you had to go to Guadalajara. I did not know it had re-opened. Thanks all.  

You must have been confused the Driver's License office closed NOT the Recaudadora - which is for registration, renewal of plates, payment of speeding tickets - vehicle stuff.

Different offices.

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