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Border between San Ysidro & Tijuana


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I am  hearing many differing opinions.  What I need to know is can an American Citizen cross the border by car & enter into Tijuana?  He needs to catch a flight to GDL.  He would be driven across by a Mexican relative who is legal in the US & has papers to prove it.  In fact this family has been crossing to the Tijuana airport for many years & absolutely no problems.  This is not a case of dire emergency, he is simply a 18 year old boy who has not seen his mother in several years & would like to visit while school is out.  I am buying the ticket & would not want him turned away at the border.

Would the same rules apply to walking across the international bridge linking California with the Tijuana airport?  Does anyone know of a person who has done this within the last few months.  I have tried contacting immigration on both sides & have never talked to a real person, just sit on hold forever until I finally have to hang up.

Thanks for any help. 



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I am not sure of his legal status in Mexico. I doubt very much he has attained Mexican citizenship.  His mother was deported back to Mexico 11 years ago.  She brought her children with her but when teen-agers they both opted to return to the US & live with relatives.  There was always a shortage of money.

The goal is to fly him here, visit with his mother for a few weeks & then return him to California.  In the past this was no big deal but now all the rules have changed, & seem to be changing weekly.

Thank you for your reply.  I will continue my quest for information.






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He can enter using the  bridge to the Tijuana airport. 

"CBX will temporarily close to northbound passengers from midnight to 8:00am daily, beginning May 10 until further notice, in response to air service schedule changes at the Tijuana International Airport. Southbound crossings will continue to operate 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The U.S. continues to restrict all non-essential travel across their borders, including CBX. “Non-essential” travel includes travel that is considered tourism or recreational in nature. At this time, there are no restrictions for passengers traveling to Mexico through CBX. However, all passengers traveling southbound through CBX will be required to complete a questionnaire which will be reviewed by Mexican health authorities."



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