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Very interesting Op Ed in the Informador this morning

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34 minutes ago, Sorn said:

Defensive, much? I didn't quote you or identify those variables. But, hey, collect those virtue-signalling points. Again, I wish you and all those sharing your concerns the best.

Yes, as a matter of fact, I am defensive.  I am immune suppressed and a Covid death is horrible (you slowly drown in your own fluids).  I am one you could kill.  Hope you can live with it if you infect someone in order to protect your right not to be inconvenienced..  I couldn't live with myself if my behavior caused the death or severe illness with unknown sequalae to someone else.  Stay safe and healthy and, please, stay away from me.

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50 minutes ago, RVGRINGO said:

Perhaps the same equipment is available from supply houses in Guadalajara; I don't know, but you could investigate.  It is certainly a convenient and economical option, compared to needing full bottles delivered in exchange for empties. In your case, it appears that you do not need oxygen to go out, or that you just don't go out.  Others may find the information helpful, as was my intent.

There is more than one vendor here in the surrounding area that can rent or sell you anything re: oxygen, No need to go to Guadalajara whatsoever.  I  have never had to go there for anything including portables.

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