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Looking for the Scrap Metal Truck

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I'm installing new iron screen doors and so far have 6 of the old ones along with the rails I'd like to dispose of. The truck used to come down the street and may still on occasion but I never see him. Does anyone know a way to get a message to the driver that I've got iron? I hate to just put it out on the street not knowing how long it might lay there.

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The "junk truck" drove by my house this morning in Upper Centro Ajijic. From the sound of the recording it may have been a different one than I usually hear. Not sure.

At any rate, I've called this one before: 33 3457 8469 and arranged to have him take away a dead dryer. He uses whatsapp. Can't remember his name, sorry.

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I did WhatsApp to the number Travis posted and got a response within a couple of minutes. He wrote that he'll be here early Monday with his truck.

Thanks for the post. The old doors were starting to accumulate with 2 more sets to go.

FYI, Rafa aka Toncho, the iron worker on 5 de Febrero in Ajijic, is making the new iron doors. Slow but steady. So far he and his crew have done a great job. 

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