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Hopefully by August the border crossings will be reopened to nonessential travel and render this moot.  I am currently on an FMM and have a TIP that expire in early August.  Would it be possible or feasible to drive up to the border (Hidalgo/Pharr preferably) and turn in my unexpired FMM and TIP and then request a new FMM and TIP for an additional 180 days without leaving the building and not crossing into the US, spend the night in Mexico and return to Lakeside the following day?  Or if anyone knows how the same can be accomplished without that 12 hour border run.  I certainly do not want my TIP to expire and my current Mexican vehicle insurance to no longer be valid.

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Yes, I think you can physically do it at some of the crossings; perhaps at all of them. However, if you were to be denied a re-entry FMM as a tourist, you would have to cross into the USA and not return. So, it would be wise to go have a long lunch and wait for a shift change. Otherwise, you might be strongly advised to go to a consulate in the USA and apply for a residence visa.  Be prepared for all contingencies.

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You may certainly do as you noted. Or in some places, if current policy still exists at that time, renew FMM in San Miguel and TIP in Queretaro. Currently, in PV you may obtain a new FMM but not a new TIP. In Chapala, I am told you may not do either.

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