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Time to get permanent residency visa?

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Likely anywhere from 1 month to 3 months; holidays, staffing, computer glitches all play a part; what might be a quick turn around for one person can take a lot longer for the next. No definitive answer.
That's assuming that you have already passed step one and received a 'temporary' permanent resident visa from a consulate outside of MX.

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If you are going from temporal to permanente: I went on Thursday, June 4 to the office in Chapala.  There was only one other person there. All my papers were in order, she took them and told me I would be contacted in 1-2 weeks (mas o menos) for fingerprints. Usually only one week from fingerprints to new card. But now, who knows.


Note: Interesting that I have been on this board since before I moved here 4 years ago and am still considered a 'newbie'. 


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When becoming a PR after having been a TR, it takes longer as approval comes from INM in Mexico City.

Similarly, when apply with a pre-approved visa from a consulate it takes longer than a renewal as your local INM checks with your point of entry to confirm you entered as per your FMM.


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