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Some are returning, for good

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1 hour ago, Mainecoons said:

You needn't worry about CB.  They are definitely skilled, experienced and quite good at survival.  I'm sure they appreciate your concern though.  :D 

Why would you suggest such a thing?

And I don't see how a "slow down in new construction" is a silver lining. Not to mention that "speculation" has no effect on infrastructure unless it is no longer speculation.

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This is the most tranquil living area.  The weather is fabulous this is the best May ever, paying bills is a piece of cake.  Your money goes a lot further than up North wether in USA or Canada. The medical facilities are great.  For me there are no reasons to go back up north 

it is so great to be by the lake.  People are in isolation all over the world until this pandemic really is over.  It is better to be safe and spend more time home than to be exposed to someone that has the virus or was also exposed to someone.  Now everyone has lots of time to read, exercise at home and lose weight if you want. There are lots of positive reasons.  Look at it on the bright side.

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It's not necessarily a current medical issue that sends people NOB.  Sometime's it is advance planning;

Read this NY times link on a friends thread, which indeed has some weight in returning to states, prior to a medical situation arising.

‘It’s Not The Virus’: Mexico’s Broken Hospitals Become Killers, Too

Years of neglect have hobbled many Mexican hospitals. Now, as the pandemic strikes, some patients are dying from neglect or from mistakes that are easily prevented, doctors and nurses say.
The senseless deaths torment doctors and nurses the most: The man who died because an inexperienced nurse unplugged his ventilator. The patient who died from septic shock because no one monitored his vital signs. The people whose breathing tubes clogged after being abandoned in their hospital beds for hours on end.
In Mexico, it’s not just the coronavirus that is claiming lives. The country’s broken health system is killing people as well.
Years of neglect had already hobbled Mexico’s health care system, leaving it dangerously short of doctors, nurses and equipment to fight a virus that has overwhelmed far richer nations.
Now, the pandemic is making matters much worse, sickening more than 11,000 Mexican health workers — one of the highest rates in the world — and depleting the already thin ranks in hospitals. Some hospitals have lost half their staff to illness and absenteeism. Others are running low on basic equipment, like heart monitors.
Patients die because they’re given the wrong medications, or the wrong dose, health workers say. The protective gloves at some hospitals are so old that they crack the moment they’re slipped on, nurses say. People are often not sedated properly, then wake up and yank out their own breathing tubes, hospital employees say.
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22 hours ago, Lily H said:

"About 1.4 million American retirees receive Social Security payments abroad, though that figure may not include those who split their time between another country and the United States."

I think this statement is confusing and misleading.  It sounds like a nit-pick, but it's really incorrect.  Most Social Security payments to retirees living in Mexico are made to their USA bank accounts, not to a Mexican account.  At one time I received Social Security to my USA bank; now I receive that benefit to my Mexican bank.  Two different things altogether.  

The number of American retirees who receive Social Security payments abroad would be better stated as, "The number of American retirees living abroad who receive Social Security payments..." etc. 

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The sorry state of public health care in Mexico doesn't require some foreign newspaper to point it out, it is common knowledge.  Combine that with the poor personal health of a big part of the population and their general mistrust of government that leads many of them to ignore even the most basic known effective self protective measures and what you are gong to have is a pretty high death rate before it is all over with.

Personal risk management is difficult but not impossible in that environment but some might be better off returning NOB until this is over.  Better than living one's life in fear.


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On 5/27/2020 at 7:18 PM, lakeside7 said:

With respect many  "trivial things" can turn in to "big issues" as we age regardless if we are in our home country or in a foreign one

Of course, sometimes what was just part of everyday life people can find they need help with as they age, depending on their state of health. But the part of the article I referenced wasn't saying that- the woman said that even a simple thing like paying a phone bill in Mexico can be frustrating. Had she said that it would be better for them to be around family to offer assistance, as the simple things in life aren't as easy for her as they used to be, that would have been quite understandable. But she was specifically making it sound like it's some big hassle to pay a phone bill or some other simple thing in Mexico.

For sure there are things that are frustrating in that they seem to be so inefficient- like that it seems to never take less than 15 minutes at a teller's window at a bank, even for some simple transaction that would take about 4 minutes NOB. But I've had equally frustrating experiences dealing with official stuff in Canada as in Mexico.


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