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What is the fastest way to get a letter to the states?

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Sol y Luna takes letters anytime they head NOB, usually 2x a week.  They do not make you show contents.  That policy of Handy Mail's was one reason I moved to Sol y Luna (had been with Handy Mail 2007-2012, and 2017-2019).  

FYI, after experiencing mail with these 2 companies, there is no difference in level of service (other than Handy Mail's requirement to show the contents of outgoing mail).  

My advice: get your mail closest to where you live, help alleviate some of the traffic volume.  

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FASTEST way is to send  by courier to the exact location you want to reach.  iSHop and others get the mail to their U.S. location (eg Laredo) but it then goes via U.S. Postal service the rest of the way.  So if in a real hurry, bite the expensive bullet and courier it directly from here.

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