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Luis Algarín on this side!

Hi guys! This is my first post, so please be patient with me, I'll try to make as best as possible!

tsktsktsk thanks for the kid label - I'm 48 already! Ha! And then, not 'mysterious circumstances', I'll try to explain the best possible: I was in a partnership with Benno CS with Rodrigo Cobian and Frank Vierling, there used to be a receptionist, Manuel Sierra - which I believe now goes again to Benno; I offered to purchase the store - all inside it and off course, the Branding which it was the main goal of the purchase, but then I separated from the partnership since March this year when I found out they didn't owned Benno the branding, previous owner Mike Espinosa filed a registration process on March and due to pandemic and Federal Government already closing non-essential branches made it impossible to know whether it will take 4 weeks or 6 months to have the registration ownership for the brand of Benno Computer Solutions; Internally, for us since we where already paying rental of the store and pre-ownership, this was just the tip of the Iceberg and enough for my Wife and I.

I gave Rodrigo Cobian a letter giving him numbers on our partnership results after 2.5 years of me at Benno CS and 2 years of my wife as an administrator, we came to an agreement for him to call me and meet at the store and proceed with the return of all the goods in Benno at the time of the departure, but instead got a call from a local judge for a meeting with them since we both got sued for stealing basically the whole store and coincidentally - if you will call it like that, the amount for the 'robbery' was the same amount that we offered the purchase of the store, BIG COINCIDENCE I say!

After this you can imagine, it will be like a soap opera on TV - not as big as Dallas duh!

The legal procedure is still going - and it will take quite some time for it to end. In the meantime I'd kept my distance and my opinion to myself but then you can guess by now, this is way to much to being publicly stoned and tagged for this. There's a previous post and now it's a good time for me to answer most of your comments:

John Malow, Upfront, Jojana, sgmike - particularly you!!! : you heard just one side of the story, right?

Xena: Gossips! But in the meantime nail them! Thanks!

Huetzin Estrada and I have done some labor for Have Hammer and despite Tepehua community school + store + dining + english classes + computer classes + medical assistance and then some other community services is closed, my wife started teaching computing there to Chapala mothers and kids as well - we'll continue working with them the most we can because it's our feeling that we haven't returned as much as this new community we call home HAS AND STILL give us!

On a more personal note: isn't that robbers hide or run away 'till it cools down?

You can visit us for service, chat or a quick joke at Lakeside CompuShop+Repair at Hidalgo 77-3, pretty close to Pancho's Deli Market on the Riberas ( about 20 meters west of it), yours sincerely:

Huetzin + Luis

fyi: we have to much business that if in the future I need to respond to your comments - it will take me a few days you know: customers first!

smgmike: I still owe you a cup of coffee, please stop by, it'll be nice to see you and I can print you the same letter I gave to Cobian!

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i recommend luiz to for computer repair, he is a kind and generous person, he donated his time to help out at Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. CAD school . He fixed the computer for the CAD school at no cost.

We still need 4 more computers that work, can be laptop or desktop for when we start the school back up in Sept semester.

Please drop the off at Luis shop just 40 feet west of pancho's.

Please support his new business.

Him And his wife are nice people also.


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Luis has helped us many times with our technical Apple computers/iPads and cellular dilemmas here in Ajijic. I can vouch that he and his wife are competent, honest, and willing to help others. It's too bad that gossip is rife in this small community, and gets in the way of us treating each other with the respect and consideration we all deserve. 

Luis y Huetzin, ¡muchas gracias y buena suerte!

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I don't think I'd call it 'gossip'. Strong charges were made by the current and former owners of Benno's. They were refuted by Luis. Unfortunately it appears that the courts will determine the truth. I am just sorry this is happening to a fine reputable company that we used on and off since Benno opened across from LCS.

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BENNOS is open, same place in libramiento where Pemex is. phone no. 376 766 5933. Sign will be replaced soon. Was misteriously taken away. 

MtnMama and Mainecoons thank you so much for your support. It was a pleasure having you as clients. 

And yes there is a lawsuit against Luis, looks like he intended to buy Bennos, but he just took the database, the company's phone and some of the tools and equipment to do his own thing.

BENNOS has been around for more than 10 years and will continue offering excellent quality service lakeside

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 people see things from their own point of view. Often the truth, and I should put quote marks around the word truth, is in the eye of the beholder and the people involved.

I have little if any faith in the legal and court system of Mexico. From my experience it is a waste of time and thousands and thousands of pesos.

As far as I am concerned, I am going to go with the person or business it gives me the best quality service in the best financial deal. I am not going to make moral judgments , or ethical ones .

It's like saying that a restaurant is owned by the mafia, and that may be true, but if the food is great and the prices are fair, I will go there.

Just my opinion.




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