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New IRS RULE,  it is easier to take a tax deduction for a donation in 2020 to Have Hammer School


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New IRS RULE, 2020 it is easier to take a tax deduction for a donation to Have Hammer Woodworking and CAD school in Riberas

We need your donation to keep our school Have Hammer Will Travel Woodworking and CAD classes from going out of business.

The federal coronavirus stimulus bill, known as the CARES Act (Coronavirus Aid Relief and Economic Security Act), is giving single taxpayers the ability to receive a $300 deduction for donations even if they do not itemize their taxes in 2020.

The change benefits taxpayers who take the standard deduction - it is up to $300 for individuals and $600 for those who are married and file jointly.

 “The CARES Act changes this by allowing taxpayers who do not itemize to deduct up to $300 of cash contributions to public charities with an above-the-line deduction on line 21 in tax years beginning in 2020,”

Please donate to Have Hammer will Travel A.C. you can deduct the donation even if you do not itemize on your 2020 tax return new IRS rules for 2020


Write a check to the Foundation for Lake Chapala charities; drop it off at handymail box 4a note

 Have Hammer on check. See our web page for more info     havehammer  .org

Or donate on our gofundme online.


Thank you for those who donated when we started our campaign needing $104,000 pesos we have still have the need at this time for $44,200 pesos. About 1900 US dollars hopefully no new expenses will come up. If 19 people donate 100 US dollars each we will make our goal

We have no cash flow, due to crisis; we need to stay solvent to help the kids learn a trade,

Our school will be more important and needed with so many people unemployed.

This help pay Lalo and Lalito or teacher’s salary during the covid 19 crisis and rent, cfe, telmex etc.


Thank you for your donation and helping the boys and girls at our school.


If need help with donation call me

  Wayne 766 1860

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I didn't think the IRS allowed deductions for non U.S. charities, unfortunately.  However one would probably be OK if the return isn't audited.

The IRS reminds donors that contributions to foreign organizations generally are not deductible. Taxpayers must itemize their deductions on Schedule A for the year in which they made the contribution in order to take a charitable contribution deduction.Apr 3, 2020
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Please read again  its  the Foundation for Lake Chapala Charities a 501c3 iRS charity

over 14 local mexican charities lakeside have been using the foundation for the last ten years. to get donations  from US Tax payers.

Even those canadians who file a 1040NR  can get this 501c3 deduction


Have hammer Will  travel A.C.

Cruz Roja

Lake Chapala Society



yes you are right there are only a few foreign organizations you can get a 501c3 deduction, but only if you have foreign income in that country to get the deduction


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