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How do I send a text to Telcel?

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I have Telcel service on my Mexico cell phone.  Sometimes instructions tell me to send a text message as follows:

  • To check your current balance, text "saldo" to 333
  • For activation or renewal text the proper code to 5050
  • To stop unwanted UNOTV messages send a text with "BAJA" to 2222 or 2252

But when I try this, with my iPhone using the Apple iMessage app, it always fails.  I have no  problems sending and receiving other text messages.  Anyone know how to send these special types of messages from an iPhone?




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The other way is to DIAL  (not text):

*133# and then hit SEND,

and then follow the prompts, first you choose #3 for Detalle Saldo,  and hit send,

and then on the next page, your plan type you want the info for.

#2 for example, is the Paquete Amigo Sin Limite option which shows you the minutes and SMS amounts (or unlimited / ilimitados), the MB of data, and the expiry / vigencia date.

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That is exactly what I do virgo lady.  I was told that with some of the packages you can not use the *133# that we use. Apparently they use *135# or something like that. That was quite a while back though, and it might have changed. I just know that *133# works just great for me. And there is no charge for this call.

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Yes, it's definitely weird and confusing for some, because you phone *133#, but it's not like a phone call where someone answers. But if you choose to pay with your debit or credit card for the paquete you choose, you then get a phone call from yet another number, which is a recording, where you enter your card details.

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