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thanx for your response. but i know enuf to seek out youtube info before i ask a limited audience for info

on the other board, i received this much better response

'We have a use a local computer technician called Adrian to setup one computer as a Linux Mint Plex server. 6 m memory, terabyte hard disk. So he knows Plex inside out. He is a little more expensive than most, but he knows his stuff, and is facing some expensive medical challenges that no one should suffer through, especially as a young man with his whole life ahead of him.'

To be more specific, what i seek is help in determining why media server works sometimes, but not always

in other words i probably have installation or loading issues

and why some movies show and others don't which means i have probably misnamed files

wasn't really looking to hire anyone, tho in the end that might be required

was looking for help from fellow users if any

have friends who are sort of geekish 

just not specifically in plex area

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