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I would like to buy a copy of the original "Death Wish."

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This was posted where it was because I live at Lakeside. As for the classified, I haven't found out if the Ojo is going to be published for this month.

Thanks to those people who did point me in the right direction. You are the people who make this board worthwhile.


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8 minutes ago, Bisbee Gal said:

Post should be moved to Classfieds.  

He's not selling anything.  He's a local persona asking where to buy.  We do that all the time in this thread.

Let's knock off the vendetta against this member before I have to start taking action.


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6 minutes ago, vetteforron said:

I have watched these movies many times mostly on TBS and another old movie Chanel. There is a new one with Bruce Willis. I watched on my fire stick. 

I saw the new one last night and while it was good I much prefer the original.

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Oh Eric! Here's a funny story. Many years ago, when I was newly married, my little sister lived with us. We were all "financially challenged," and agreed to exchange only ONE book with each other for Christmas. My kid sister gave my husband a copy of "Death Wish."  The look on his face was SO funny! Thanks for the memory!

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Death Wish is free with ads on Pluto.


For what it is worth, Death Wish 2 is free on Plex!/provider/tv.plex.provider.vod/details?key=%2Flibrary%2Fmetadata%2F5dd151ac07d876001f6ab179&context=source%3Ahub.movies.expiring

https://www.justwatch.com/ is a good site for finding out where a particular movie or tv series in playing.

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