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Thanks you for your input. I think next week I will make a run to Costco. Yesterday out of curiosity I checked Soriana, Wallmart and La Paz, no Beer. Then I checked all the Tienda's in my neighborhood of Chapala, no Beer. When they were still selling about a week ago the can was going for 25 Pesos....

I enjoy a glass of wine when I eat out which was about..many months ago. 😊




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While I'm not a beer drinker, I always have some in the fridge for the gardener(s), pool guy, etc.  We ran out last week.  :(


Val  :)

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3 hours ago, happyjillin said:

They were closed by the feds because they classified breweries as non essential.

Life sometimes makes no sense...I read a month or so ago that Modelo was shutting down production due to the virus. So I grabbed an extra 18 pack and just figured I might have to switch brands. Not true, the cost has actually gone down to about  $.85 a can and it's in every store here in the Rio Grande Valley including Wally. Go figure!

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