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21 hours ago, gringohombre said:

I don't understand why I cannot pick up. I live close by and know that the delivery guys sometimes have multiple deliveries and would like to have the food as hot as possible at my house. 

Orders at 333-953-8620 (English) or 331-990-3301 (Spanish).

Dusty Chicken Chapala

the personal can give you further information :)


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18 hours ago, hilobarbie said:

It appears they are cooking it in their front or back yard...look at the pic where they covered up the face of the chef to appear to have a mask smiley face.  Looks like a house....

Hi ! 

We are waiting for your call to try our amazing chicken .

Yesterday we had top sales, people are loving it .

Have a great day!

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17 hours ago, hilobarbie said:

It will always be Dusty Chicken.  It has been Dusty Chicken for many, many years.  Anyone recall how many?  I’d hate to guess incorrectly. This other place will be the Fake Dusty Chicken Chapala but located in Riberas.

Well, you are really angry over a nickname , not everyone knows David's chicken as Dusty chicken ( i mean even him won't call his place that) , we have different specialities as we offer different delicious chicken options. I think you are taking a roadside bussines name too personal.
We will be happy to receive your order and i'll make sure I add a free clonazepam for you and a cup of wine! 

Have a great day.






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