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Min Wah - Ajijic - Updates?

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22 minutes ago, johanson said:

You are too funny Gringo Hombre, I greatly enjoy your posts. :) 

I see that you fixed your "you are a restaurant" text (I also use the EDIT function here). As a great American once said "Can we all get along?". That was Rodney King after the LA riots precipitated by his freeway beat down by cops in 1992. I was right in the middle of all that and saw a lot of destruction and human suffering. We do not have to get down hard on others but it is worthwhile pointing out reality to some who are getting their news and information from dubious sources. Stay safe!.   

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Not quite on the topic of delivery but on the food. quality and service. We had a craving for Chinese and still learning the area my wife had seen a mention of Min Wah while we were looking for information on the trail hike to the falls..... Google reviews were good so up the hill we went.

We ate outside on the small front patio last Friday evening. Restaurant was pretty well attended with good spacing. Staff all wore masks and took our temp and offered covid-sanitation-sauce for our hands... pretty standard but glad to see.

Very friendly staff and quick service. We ordered a couple beers, a tasty vegetable dish and some delicious pork fried rice. Best I ever had? Nope, BUT we will definitely be back! Plenty to bring home the next day for a second meal and the staff and service were really good. We liked the vibe and location of the restaurant too, and they just had their 26th Anniversary on El Grito de independencia. 

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