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My water store in Chapala closed, where to get delivered water?

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I believe it was Katya, right across from the municipal Market. There was no answer at their phone, and when I drove by today, it looks as if there is another business there.

Can anyone give me the location and phone number of a water delivery service that will come to Chapala?

Thank you



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2 hours ago, kam said:

Katya delivered here yesterday. Do a bit of searching, Eric.

I thought the best research I could no when I didn't get an answer on their phone after 10 tries over 2 days, was to drive by where I knew they were before and saw another store there.


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6 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

Possibly many people here are tired of answering questions when the OP couldn't do a basic on-line search before asking for help. 

Couldn't, and consistently doesn't, do any kind of basic search. 

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