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No Water - Las Salvias

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After navigating through a pipa traffic jam on Tempisque and 5 de Febrero I asked what was going on. The story is that this area and perhaps others nearby have not received any water for 6 days due to a broken pump somewhere. Sure enough the aljibe was almost empty. The odd thing is that some of the water in this area comes from the tank at Angel Flores/Tempisque and other parts from somewhere toward Villa Nova. Now if a main pump that services the 2 substations broke then that would explain it.

Check your water levels if you live in West Ajijic to Villa Nova.

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We're in lower Las Salvias and have not had water in 6 days- and we're on that lower tank on Tempisque. Upper Las Salvias had an issue starting about 7-10 days ago and a number of folks had to order trucks of water. The other night the power kept going on and off, for many hours, so maybe that wrecked the pump. Hopefully someone at Simapa knows about this?  

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