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Sharing this post from an enterprising young man. Lakeside peeps, please help him if you can.

Diego González Borrayo
18 May 2020

Hello everyone? My name is Diego, and I am a 22 year-old, responsible young man. I am part of Pat Baxter's Pathways Sponsorship Program, and I have no doubt she, along with many others (including Catherine-Claire Blythe and Linda Blasko) will offer great character references for me, and well as attest to my personal work ethics.

I'm a student currently going through my 8th semester of Mechatronic Engineering. But as you know, we have no school in session at this time. In addition, I have been laid off my job due to the contingency. It has been a difficult week for me. That's why I'm putting myself out there for whoever wishes to hire me.

I speak, write and understand both English and Spanish. Having said that, I'm ready, willing and able to tackle any odd jobs you might need to get done. Below I list some of the many chores and services I can happily do for you and your household! Feel free to contact me if any of these suggestions appeal to you, or maybe another task you have been meaning to get around to….Now is the perfect time!

Cell phone number: +52 322 149 9217

e-mail address: gonzalez10diego@hotmail.com

-Do you have boxes of treasured photos you wish to store securely? I can scan and digitize your pictures so that you can store them properly and access whenever you like!

-Do you need someone to come to your home and thoroughly wash all those exteriors windows? I’m your guy!

-Maybe you would like a street of your choice to be litter free?

-How about someone to give your fur baby an in-home bath?

-Has your car just been sitting in the carport collecting dust?

-Do you have some electronics lying around the house that need some type of repair? I’m your guy!

-What about set up or installation of any devices? PC, Laptop, Cell phone, security cameras? I’m your guy!

-I will gladly assist with any translations…Need to clear up that CFE bill? Or making a service report or inquiry with Telmex?

-How badly does your garage need organizing? A tool shed? Bodega? Or spare room? You just show me where to start!

-Have some furniture you need assembled? Painted? Moved? I’m your guy!

-I can run errands (with or without you)… Pick-up and deliver anything you need.

-Mow the lawn

-Drive you to your appointments in Guadalajara and translate too!

-Are you wanting to use this time to learn some basic computer skills? I’m your guy!

-Planning a move? I can pack and unpack after a move.

-How about your car? I can take your car in for maintenance, inspections or mechanical work while you wait in the safety of your home.

These are but a few ideas. If there is some odd job, personal assistant, helper that you need to complete a challenging task, or just getting around to that chore you have been putting off…I’m your guy!

Please call me for information, questions and agreeing on a fair price for the job at-hand.

I will take the necessary precautions needed in order to protect us all in this time of contingency. Wearing a mask, frequent hand-washing, and whatever else makes you feel comfortable to be protected.

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13 minutes ago, artsnob said:

I called answering machine. I have a lot of technical stuff done.  Pm me I am in Ajijic centro 

I'm not certain who you want to PM you, but the young man who is willing to work will likely not see this.

May I suggest emailing if you can't reach him by phone. Remember, good workers stay OFF the phone while working ;)

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I used Diego today, he was able to figure out how I can watch Directvgo on my new smart tv, when two others couldn’t, he is very personable and clean cut young man, I showed him a list of some more tech stuff and just odds and end that need to be done in my casa and he can do it all, he is a gem...

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