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please help pay the salaries of our teachers at Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. woodworking School


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Please help donate pay the salaries of our two teachers Lalo and and his son Lalito. We have no cash flow or fundraisers during this crisis. The Have Hammer will travel A.C. needs to keep our teachers on board so when we open again. We need your help to complete our mission statement "Teaching mexican youth life skills through CAD, woodworking and carpentry and help them get jobs. Thank you for helping during this crisis.We have fixed overhead of salaries, taxes, CFE, telmex and rent etc. Thank you for keeping the school solvent and a going concern.
Our school will needed more than ever, with so many unemployed, Please refer students for Sept semester. Please find and sponsor a student. Boys and girls
Lalo and Lalito salary is $195 US dollars week for both $4500 pesos, plus IMSS and taxes
Rent $26,000 pesos due Jun 1st 2020.
Started donation campaign at $84.000 pesos, thank you for your donations.
Now need $54,550 pesos to get to July 1st 2020
About $2371 US dollars if 24 persons give $100 each we will reach our goal
Landlord gave said we did not have to pay $26,000 pesos May 1st rent which helped
You will get IRS 501c3 United States tax donation
For more ways to donate please contact me
wayne 766-1860

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