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Mexico's president orders military on streets for four more years


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The decision means soldiers will be on Mexican streets until almost the end of the presidency of Lopez Obrador, a political veteran who came to power in December 2018. He had often criticised former President Felipe Calderon for deploying soldiers and sailors, beginning in 2006, for public security and to fight drug violence. 

Juan Ibarrola, a security specialist, said Monday's notice was a sign Lopez Obrador's "security strategy is not working".

"That is why he has had to order with this decree for the armed forces to support public security," Ibarrola told the Milenio newspaper.

Lopez Obrador, also known as AMLO, won office vowing to adopt a more conciliatory security strategy focused on the root causes of crime, in particular by reducing poverty and corruption. But the violence has continued during his first year and a half in charge, with a record 34,582 people murdered in 2019.

Some 3,000 homicides were recorded in March this year, the second-biggest number of monthly murders ever and the highest since Lopez Obrador assumed power.

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Help me out here. 

What is not factual in this Aljazeera report.  It was not written by political opponents but by an international new source.

Let's break it down.

Obrador came to power in 2018.

Obrador is a political veteran.

Obrador criticized Calderon repeated for the 2006 decision.  He is hardly the only one who has done that.  I believe a wide variety of Mexican politicians from all of the parties have questioned this decision.

When a major change in a strategy is made that normally suggests something is not working.

Obrador campaigned on a more conciliatory policy.

The violence death rate in 2019 was a record.

The March number is as reported and was the second highest ever and first highest since the beginning of 2018.

What is not factual here?  Isn't this change in strategy important for we expats to know?  For example will it mean more military checkpoints when we travel and maybe more delays?

If there was anything in this factually incorrect or if it came from other politicians I could understand why it would be seen as political.

I  looked up this fellow Juan Ibarrola.  Pretty impressive resume, I would say he is qualified to make the comment he did.






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It's pretty common knowledge if one chooses to read about it in both English and Mexican media. It is political as defined by the rules on this board so it will probably lead to more discussion on politics which is historically quite clear as to what motivates hookemhorns to make this sort of post.

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Thanks for the feedback.  We moderators have always defined politics as partisan, that is involving political parties or candidates and from obviously partisan sources.  This is neither from a partisan source nor involving candidates or elections.  Admin has never clarified the general no politics rule so this is how we've interpreted it.

It wasn't common knowledge to me.  There's no report on El Informador I can find.  Apparently there was something in Millenio.

It the thread actually goes into partisan politics it will be closed, of course.

You all feel free to send a PM to either of the others mods if you disagree and we'll all abide by their decision.  

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