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ILOX Router Upgrade

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So we got a new FiberHome router, the AN5506-04-B to replace the AN5506-02-F since we didn't have admin access, but it won't connect to the internet.

I haven't been able to find anything wrong with it, and the only thing different on the webUI for it is the ONU Regist State does not show an OK like the old one does.

Do I need to contact the provider and have them register that we changed routers, or is it something that I somehow missed?

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The old router was good for general internet use, but due to how it's configured we have a Strict NAT which gets in the way of gaming. The admin login for it was changed, so we couldn't go in and fix it, thus we bought the newer version of that router model to get access and fix the NAT problem.

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It's my PC that's having the issue with the Strict NAT. I already tried admin/admin, doesn't work, and I can't fix the issue with a user login, has to be admin.

I'll see about contacting the provider on Monday to get the new router set up.

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