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AMLO says 90% claims of violence against women in Mexico is false..


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Given the figures, López Obrador said that he knows the data "well" and that "not because of the withdrawal to the homes there has been more violence" in Mexico, because families are used to "a harmonious coexistence."

“It is that the Mexican family is different from the family in Europe or in the United States. We are used to living together, being together, "he assured.

The president even showed the homicide figures registered this Thursday across the country, a graph where of 84 murdered only 7 were women.

“We are going to continue defending, protecting, women. Without being feminists, we are humanists ”, repeated the president.

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According to data from the National Public Security System (SNSP), emergency calls related to violence against women were 26,171 in March, when confinement began to mitigate the COVID-19 pandemic, 20.5 percent more than in the previous month.

Law of unintended consequences.


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AMLO defunded all safe houses for battered women and their children in the 2919 federal budget. This support no longer exists in Mexico. 



Google Translation:

"Federal government leaves shelters for women victims of violence without public resources

By Claudia Ramos

February 22, 2019

At the instructions of President Andrés Manuel López Obrador, shelters for women experiencing extreme violence will not receive government subsidies for the provision of services this year.

The call to access the more than 346 million pesos approved for 2019 in the Federation's Expenditure Budget has been suspended since February 14, announced the National Center for Gender Equity and Reproductive Health.

The argument for no longer allocating subsidies to these shelters was to “fully comply” with López Obrador's decision not to transfer public resources to civil society organizations.

"By means of this communication, it is made public that derived from the instruction received through CIRCULAR ONE dated February 14, 2019, signed by C. Andrés Manuel López Obrador, Constitutional President of the United Mexican States, as well as reported by the Head of the Internal Control Body of the Ministry of Health, Attorney Ángel Rodríguez Alba, through official letter 309-2019 dated February 18, 2019, with this date the PUBLIC CALL FOR THE ALLOCATION OF SUBSIDIES FOR THE PROVISION OF REFUGE SERVICES FOR WOMEN, THEIR DAUGHTERS AND CHILDREN, WHO EXPERIENCE EXTREME VIOLENCE AND, IN THEIR CASE, TO THEIR EXTERNAL CARE CENTERS 2019, fully complying with the decision of the Citizen President not to “transfer resources from the Budget to any social organization, union, civil or citizen movement ”, reported the Center.

The call was addressed to all Civil Society Organizations and Public Institutions "with documentary verifiable experience in dealing with family and gender-based violence, in order to allocate subsidies to joint investment projects for the operation of shelters and, in its In this case, its External Attention Centers, which exclusively attend women in situations of extreme violence and their daughters and sons, in accordance with the applicable regulations ”.

The National Shelter Network, which represents more than 70% of the country's shelters and has at least one shelter in each state, both government and civil society, warned that more than 20 thousand women are at risk for the "inadmissible" suspension of these subsidies.

“Shelters restore rights, prevent femicides. It is inadmissible that a document intends to suspend a legislative act of allocation, also labeled, of the 2019 budget, "said the Network in a statement.

"The Network (...) urgently urges the federal government to rectify this inadmissible and regrettable action that violates the rights of women to live free of violence, which goes against international and national treaties on the matter that Mexico has signed and ratified. "

More than 20 thousand women at risk from suspension of federal subsidy for Shelters and External Care Centers for women and children victims of violence!


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It doesnt count as a crime if they dont find the body

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the next budget should be a doozy since this country is broke and while he still wants to build the train to nowhere the cuts in the budget will be IMO brutal especially in the healthcare system and whatever social services there are left. Same as it ever was.



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I know several hundred indigenous women and I know only few who have not been beaten or are not beaten.. Usually the older women are not beaten any more but they will tell yo how much their husband used to beat them and some of the younger ones will open up and tell you about it if you know them wel. A friend of mine who is a man , indigenous as well got asked to give a workshop at the clinic foor husband and wives about violence in the families, he was given a really bad time by both men and women... He encouraged his sisters to leave their husband who was beating them up as well.. 

I cannot imagine anyone denying that wome are battered here, they are and everyone knows it.

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18 hours ago, Eric Blair said:

In my opinion, especially in Mexico and some other countries, it has been shown that 77.035% of people who use statistics to support their point ,make them up.

Stealing George Carlin's  material? His schtick on stats is one of my favourites But he said "I just made that up".

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I remember George Carlin well, but not that quote.

When our current generation dies out, so much history will be lost except in books. I once asked my secretary if she knew the significance of the current date (December 7).  No. How about the U.S.S. Arizona. Shake head no. How about December 7, 1941, Pearl Harbor. Response? "Something to do with a war?"


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