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How to dispose of old solar water heater tubes?

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We just had our solar water heater replaced and are left with old tubes to dispose of. Does anyone have any idea where they can be recycled? They are a bit hard to handle, not something we can do ourselves. Too long to fit in the car.

Thanks for your ideas.

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As long as the vacuum tubes are intact, they should continue to perform well and be useful.    The wet type may see some changes in the outer dark surface coating, this is not significant, and the dry type are also fine as long as the copper heat pipe rod is in good shape.      Re-use / replacement by someone else is a good solution.     They really don't mix for glass recycling as they are made of borosilicate crystal which is not compatible with most regular glass recycling operations.    (and why recycle, anyway, when re-use is an option?)   😉 

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