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Any check points going to Guadalajara now

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My friend needs to go to the airport Thursday afternoon.  Are there any check points now going to Guadalajara from Ajijic?  If so they will need to leave earlier.

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The Jalisco sanitary checkpoints were installed way before the Easter holidays. They were in effect last weekend on the highways to Manzanillo, Chapala/Ocotlan-Mexico, Tepic-PV, Lagos de Moreno. Probably remain until Jalisco lifts the stay in house. 

The Chapala Resident Checkpoint  (and those of many other cities) has nothing to do with the "Sanitary Filters" Jalisco and various other states have in place. 

Video of the filter from Chapala to GDL 


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2 hours ago, oregontochapala said:

Helluva long way to get to the airport traveling that way.

I just thought I would point out no check points going that way. 

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19 hours ago, sm1mex said:

Thanks. I just want to know if there are checks NOW going to Guadalajara. 

Just spoke with  the DHL driver. He   said the Sanitary filter on the way to GDL near the intersection of the hwy from Ocotlan is still in effect, and also returning to Chapala that one and the proof of residence to Chapala at Chapala Haciendas. 

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