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Calling all foreigners with tourists visas and Temporary Import Permits!

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Calling all foreigners with tourists visas and Temporary Import Permits!

As of now there are no uniform rules for the reissuance of tourist visas across Mexico, each immigration office is handling things differently.

The bigger issue is that many people have entered Mexico as tourist and have a vehicle with a temporary import permit.  These permits have or will expire and there is no uniform rule for people to extend their permits (we have been able to give some people new ones or use their spouse to get a new one) throughout the country.  Others report being able to extend in some parts of Mexico.

During these times of crisis many people due to local, state and federal restrictions or just plain old good health practices cannot travel or return to their home countries.  These people are in Mexico and still need to be able to go out and buy food, see their doctor, go to the bank and get medicine.  These same people can be targets of unscrupulous traffic police and other police who will target them and pull them over to check their documents and their car permits. 

If a person has an expired car permit then they face having their car, their only method of transportation to buy food or medicine, taken from them leaving them stranded and violating their constitutional rights to health care and nutrition. 

I have presented a request to the Tax Ombudsman´s office (Procuraduria de la Defensa del Contribuyente) to request that the tax authorities (SAT and Aduana) make special provisions during these times so that people who are unable to travel can still drive to buy food and receive medical attention.  We are asking for something official so that people may have a document to show.

We are trying to get Aduana and SAT to be aware of the gravity of the situation so have been asked to compile as many complaints as possible to be able to force the issue with them.

We can send you a form to sign and scan and send back so that your voices may be heard and measures may be taken nationwide to not have issues driving to get food and medicine.  We will need the following information:


Full name:

Phone numbers (landline and cell phone):

If you are retired or came as a visitor and why you came:

Date you entered Mexico:

Date your car permit expires:

Copy of your passport

How old you are:

Any medical condition you have:

Any past problems with police or transitos pulling you over for no reason:


Please be patient with us, we have been receiving many, many calls, emails and messages.  We are not charging for this service and doing it to benefit all foreigners all over Mexico.


Information and documents can be emailed to prodecon at chapalalaw dot com





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