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Please help pay the salaries of employees during this crisis Have Hammer will Travel A.C. woodworking School

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Just received email Rosy and Fernando of Huerta cafe in riberas wire transferred $7500 pesos  in Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. bancomer account.

Please say thank to them if you have eaten at thier restaurant, Please post your review, on tripadvisor they could us another ten reviews



$62,050- $7500 pesos =$54,550 still needed

Thank you Rosy and Fernando

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Yes landlord gave break, did not have to pay rent $26,000 pesos in May.

rent $26,000 due Jun 1st 2020


Our mexican accountant  just sent me email  for  taxes on salary and his fee due  May 14th

2% state tax                           482.00
Social security                    2,518.98
Retirement fund                2,755.36
House fund                         2,195.51
Federal tax                          2,292.00
Accounting fee                   1,144.00
Total                                   11,387.85
I will write him a check today, thank you all for direct deposit in out Have Hammer Will Travel A.C. bancomer account. through gofundme
The board of directors of HHWT met in March, looked at every way we could to keep  HHWT solvent and cut any expenses during the crisis.
Salaries of our teachers is a expense, we chose not to cut, Lalo and Lalito have no other income.
Lalo has been teaching for about 10 years now for us, he loves the students and is a great teacher.
He tells he kids we start with ten fingers and we end class with ten fingers, he all about teaching the students safe ways to work.
It would be difficult if almost impossible to replace him.
Thank you all for helping
even a donation of $25 helps.
$100 US dollars  will help us reach our goal faster





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You can save money, during these times as you are overpaying your people.  Im not saying to not pay them but there are tricks that will save you big $$$

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We had a different accountant before this one, they had tricks, but it cost us 

they caught up with three years ago  and had to pay back taxes and penalties, past due for  five years, changed accountants then.

Pm me if you have something that is legal and not deferring taxes to later date.

Always willing to learn

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