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A little perspective on the current pandemic hysteria

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Take you political crap elsewhere ! Geez !!!  

The big difference is the people who led us thru the problem.

I agree. If people acted responsibly, with a strong social conscience that valued doing things with the common good in mind, instead of jumping up and down screaming and yelling about how their rights

13 hours ago, 4fingersfreddy said:

My belief? You are quite wrong. Far too many adults ARE children. And thus need to be treated as such.

That used go be the attitude and thinking toward slaves.  Whites just thought they were superior. Government officials are just as flawed as anyone else. 

The point is who decides for someone else.  Certainly not government officials.  I have never not nor will never surrender my personal judgment or health decisions to an government bureaucrat.


They have not been elected for their wisdom and superior knowledge and judgment.  That is not their role.  If you wish to surrender your life's decisions to another, then go ahead, but you have no right to force that on others.  Otherwise, we are being treated as stupid slaves.

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