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Pandemic Travel Plans

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Hey! I'm Indigo, a Chapala community granddaughter. 

Before Covid, I was making travel plans to move to Chapala to work on fixing up and renting out the house my grandmother left in my name (Bless you, Maxie!). My timeline had me moving there in August 2020 and working on the house until November or January. 

Now, I'm not sure if August is still a reasonable time to plan for a move. I was planning to drive down from Texas with tools and supplies for the renovation. Does anyone have advice or thoughts on an August launch date?

Send me a private message if you have advice for hiring contractors for house remodeling, and whether or not I can manage construction remotely. 

Has anyone else had to shift their moving plans?

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The first big question will be whether or not Mexico will give you a visa and allow you to enter.

The second issue will be whether or not you can drive from the Texas border to here in a  day or if you can plan a route where there will be a hotel in route that is open  If you enter via Laredo most people will split the trip by staying overnight at a hotel in Matahuala.  You'll have to see if any hotel is open there when you come.

I definitely have several very good suggestions for help when you get here, depending on where the house is.



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Not sure what kind of tools and supplies you were thinking of bringing, but you have to be careful with that sort of stuff, lest customs suspects you are planning to work here. Most tools and building supplies are readily available here, so you might consider not bringing much and purchasing what you need in Mexico instead.

It's really cool that your grandma left the place to you and that you are into hanging onto it and fixing it up.

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"whether or not I can manage construction remotely."

I would definitely not advise doing this. You will have your hands full just dealing with issues that come up on a face to face basis with contractors, workers, government officials, etc. I can't imagine how you would accomplish this from out of the country. Do you speak Spanish? Fluently? Making sure your instructions are understood and carried out as you intended with be tricky if you are not. I have lived down here for 13 years and known plenty of folks who have built homes or had them significantly refurbished. They always report lots of problems, delays, unexpected hassles, etc. I don't want to rain on your parade, just to be sure you know what you are getting into.

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8 hours ago, artsnob said:

I have a lot of tools and stuff I am too old to use anymore, contact me and I will let you have whatever you can use...Ken 

Ken, you are a kind and generous guy. I want to let people know one time we had a patient dropped off in critical condition from a clinic here in Jocotepec because he could not afford to pay. He had nothing but a hospital gown. Ken donated clothing and stuff. It made his short  time a little better. I am writing because you never brag. Thanks for being you and your generosity. I will never forget. Ron

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