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will corona kill my plans?

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The situation isn France or I should say in most France is getting better except for Paris and the north east.... so who knows what it will be like in September and october.. You will be able to travel more than 100km from home in July...of course any of that can change but so far it is going in the right ddirection.. I am still not planning to go and see my family in the near future.

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On 5/4/2020 at 4:32 AM, gulirakhimova said:

Hey there - I hope you all are well and healthy!

I have a trip planned for later this year, late September into early October. I’m planning to travel to England & France, from the US. What are we thinking? Should I start thinking of canceling this trip? Or still too early to panic? I’m not normally indecisive, but hoping for a consensus opinion to help make my decision. I really, really want to take this trip.

Thanks for your help!

Well the EU has banned travellers from a number of countries (including the US) so if your passport is from one of the approved countries, then you're okay; if it isn't then travel to the EU is out of the question right now but things aren't looking good.


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You are ok after staying put for 2 weeks so you can add that to your travel plans...I am French so I could go but would have to stay in quarentine and my husband is AMerican and Mexican so he hit the jack pot.. two countries that were banned..

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