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Hong Kong flu deadlier than Covid 19?

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OK so lets look at the numbers.  The Hong Kong flu killed 100,000 in the US. So far in the US 66,605 have been killed. In NYC 18,600 people have been killed.  The key word is up til now.  I don't know the death rate of the Hong Kong flu for above 80 but for Corona Virus it is 50%.  Luckily we have not had too many situations like NYC but if we did can you imagine what the total deaths would be?

My 90 year old mother survived Corona virus in Seattle  but she is a tough cookie.  She says to me that the worse part is feeling weak. She survived it by herself as the corona virus hotline was worthless. She is 90 and has breathing problems but she did not qualify to have a test. Just a personal look at one case. She is fine now FYI and back to cleaning the house and gardening. I feel lucky that she survived it.

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The statistics are very interesting.  If we assume everything about the Hong Kong flu is similar to what we have today, perhaps we are erring on the side of caution.  I am sure this will be discussed both ways ad nauseum. 

Just my opinion, and I did survive the Hong Kong flu.

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I would really like people to give links to understand from where their statistics are derived.

From THIS website... https://www.sinobiological.com/research/virus/1968-influenza-pandemic-hong-kong-flu


In comparison to other pandemics, the Hong Kong flu yielded a low death rate, with a case-fatality ratio below 0.5% making it a category 2 disease on the Pandemic Severity Index. The pandemic infected an estimated 500,000 Hong Kong residents, 15% of the population. In the United States, approximately 33,800 people died.

And the time frame over which those 1 million people died in the world was two years but 33,800 of them in the U.S. The current Coronavirus epidemic has killed DOUBLE  THE NUMBER IN TWO MONTHS in the U.S.

That's what's different and that's with the draconian measures.

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58 minutes ago, geeser said:

Interesting article geeser. I have one quibble, based on my knowledge of the early epidemics that killed almost 90% of Native Americans. The article says the die-off was due to smallpox. While smallpox was certainly deadly, so were influenza, measles, and a whole host of other diseases imported by the European invaders. It was all of these together that resulted in the 90% figure, not just smallpox.

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