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TIP Renewal For Tourists


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Confirmed TIP Renewal For Tourists Inside Mexico

Today, I confirmed with Ana Mora at Aduana in Mexico City, once you have a new FMM tourist card, issued by Inmigracion in Mexico you may go to the appropriate Aduana office and extend your car permit (TIP). Expiration will be the same date as your new FMM. I was informed you are not to lose your deposit.

The process is the same as when extending a TIP when renewing a Temporary Resident visa. Several documents and a form are required but many Aduana offices has the Anexo 3 which they complete.

Please note you may not renew your FMM until yours has expired. In San Miguel I provide this service. And, through my office in Puerto Vallarta / Riviera Nayarit Teresa will work with clients to obtain a new FMM tourist card and a new TIP.

This saves returning to the border, stress and considerable expense.

This policy is during the current health situation.


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I am continuing to submit requests for new FMM's once a person's FMM has expired. In some places free and in some places fees. 

Also, Aduana at the Queretaro airport is providing new 180 day TIP's for those with a new FMM.  There is no fee. All of this is done without driving to the border.

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I *think* the program that was allowing FMM and TIP to be 'renewed' inside Mexico is no longer in affect. BUT, Sonia would know and she has a consulting presence in PV.  I'd give her a shout at    soniaangel32  at  hotmail dot com



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