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My split air conditioner is leaking "big time". I cannot use it at present. Does anyone know of a good, honest repair service here?

I called a Mexican who claims to do that work and he asked me where I was from originally. I answered honestly and then asked him if he was a local person and he exhibited a real "attitude" asking what business was it of mine. I pointed out that I answered his question which could be construed as a "what business is it of yours..." but all the bells and lights went off in my head.  I told him to forget the job. It was as if he was hiding something or afraid to reveal if he was a local or not. It would not have even been an issue if he hadn't asked me my place of origin.

Now I want to make sure I get someone who will do the job well at a fair price. I looked at You Tube videos but fixing it requires a few tools that I do not have. I would rather have it done professionally. 

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It’s not a leak it’s condensate (Water). The drain hose is blocked,  look for a tray underneath the condenser coil and there should be a drain hose going outside..Try poking something like a metal cost hanger down the hose or blowing down it..i

When you think it’s clear pour some water down it and check it’s running out...



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