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Mexico News Daily: 44 million in Mexico live in most vulnerable municipalities

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I wasin Chiapas until 2 weeks ago  and the situation down there is a little surreal.. In San Cristobal , the part of downtown was more or less deserted and shut down and many people had nasks although many did not.. You stepped a few blocks in the north of town where the main market is and there no one had masks and it was very crowded,  , it was almost all indigenous people..milling around like if there were nowarnng.. I was informed by some friends that the virus would not hit their town because they had rituals and burned candles up in the mountains surrounding their towns.. They had processions and fiestas as planned..The number of people contaminated was slowly going up but nothng in comparaison  to the rest of the country and I really do not believe any of the figures.  

Today I just heard from my godson than a 41 year old man died in his town.. I asked  if he knew what he died of and I was told he had a sore throat that went bad.. I was also told another man is in the hospital because he had a bad sore throat.. I think that  this village is seeing the beginning of the epidemy but no ne is relating it to the virus yet. Soon we will know but when it will start spreading n indigenous villages it will be bad.. ALready some families have been kicked out of some towns because they were sick...and with the ignorance , the lack of decent medical facilties and the lack of belief in the virus, thenumber of people with diabetsand undiagnosed deseases it will becmoe a twighlight zone.. The only hope is that the virus dies out before it gets really bad.

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I am afraid it is true worldwide as well.. In France , they do not count as covid death the people who do not die in the hospitals so it is pretty much the same....I would bet Italy and Spain are not much better either. They are overwhelmed so lots of things fall through the cracks and now they are slowly reopening so it is probably going to get worse..

Yesterday the word went out in Paris that the confinement law about not being able to travel moe than 100 km from home was not approved until that night  so all day people from Paris packed up and left for their secundary residence... more virus cases are sure to show up in the green zone. Today the law  was approved so it is back to checking the freeways for the police..


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