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Oui-Oui: Confinement is not fun . . . . but this ad is

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I wanted to thank you  . . . twice. Thank you first, for making us realize that while the special pickup/delivery menu appears at 0.33 in the ad (you can pause the ad) and see the many options available (including Vegetarian/Vegan), at various price points. That also led us to realize that LeClub4/OuiOui FB page and LeClub4 Webpage (where the complete menus are displayed) were not easily readable (due to video players commands overlapping).

It is our first ad, the feedback has been great, and yours is quite constructive.

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3 minutes ago, ianos said:


Thank you (a 2nd time), for pointing this out: Oui Oui’s customer profile is rather specific. They tend to:

  • Like their meats (and seafood) not overcooked (i.e. bleu/rare/medium rare. We can do well-done request, but never recommend it).
  • Are knowledgeable Wine Lovers (or want to learn more): we carry 14 wines by the glass & 69 labels).
  • Indulge in house made desserts (including the Crème Brûlée), and rarely have a meal without one.

People identifying with that are generally interested and attracted to what we have to offer (while people with less disposable income generally visit on special occasions). We have requests for Vegetarian/Vegan, Gluten Free & Keto, and have developed options i.e. Flowerless Chocolate pie/ gluten free Crepes, and dishes with plant based cheeses (which do not taste like cardboard).

Gringal, again it is so refreshing to get your constructive feedback.

Stay safe and healthy.


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What? You mean that all the negativity you generated on the previous post got accidentally deleted and now we are just pretending it never happened? Well that is very nice for you I guess. For those who have never deleted a post from this board I will tell you it is difficult and does not happen while trying to reply to someone in a thread.

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26 minutes ago, 4fingersfreddy said:

I've been lurking for a while. This negativity and deflection from some posters is not healthy for anyone here.

I have witnessed it not only here but on other sites and in the restaurant first hand in how I have seen staff and customers treated. "by your actions so you are known"

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