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Gas going up 5 Pesos

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25 minutes ago, MichaelB said:

What the economy did for us the Mexican government takes away. I guess AMLO needs a fatter paycheck?


Yeah right, a higher salary.  AMLO is taking a pay cut, as are all public officials.  Plus, aguinaldo has been cut.  Listen to or read this.  

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I just know that we were paying about 20.70 pesos per liter for Magna in Ajijic, and that when I went grocery shopping and afterwards topped off my Tank at the local Ajijic Pemex station yesterday the cost for Magna was exactly 16 pesos per liter, almost 5 pesos cheaper than before the corona virus crisis.

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Yes Pete but the price dropped gradually over 2 or 3 weeks as the cost of petro & imported gas from the US dropped. Right now there are tankers of even cheaper gas sitting off Veracruz but there is no consuption. The gradual drop had nothing to do with taxes. If a 5 peso tax had been paused we would have seen it when the station filled their tank.  P.S. regular is under $15 in Ixtlahuacan

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18 hours ago, johanson said:

Mostlylost, I noticed that when comparing gas prices, that our costs in Ajijic always seem a little higher than most other Pemex stations. At least it seems that  way. Am I correct?  I don't know.

Over the last 15+ years I have found prices in Ajijic almost always to be higher in Chapala. IMO, this is due to the fact that there are more gringos in Ajijic than Chapala, and statistically expats have more money to spend. Gringo tax.

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48 minutes ago, Mostlylost said:

Prices until 2 years ago were the same everywhere except the border zone. 

I would venture to say many more Mexicans buy gas in Ajijic than gringos

Actually the highest priced gas in all of Mexico is a station on Av Patria in GDL. 

That was  when the Government controlled the price of gas, When was it ?  2 years ago they deregulated the price of gas, each gas station can now set its own price. Gas has been an easy target to tax, just look at NOB and Europe. I wonder how long it will be or does it happen now ? that each state can add a tax to the price of gas.




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