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Telmex internet down in Ajijic

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Telmex internet was great this morning until 10:20 AM. Sadly, it just went down. I checked the land line, it's working but no more internet. I am located in upper West Ajijic at the top of Juarez.

Luckily my IZZI cable is working providing both internet and TV

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Thanks. sm1mx. I just checked my messages because of your post and noticed that I just got a message as well from Telmex with the time stamp of 13:20, which stated that my telephone #  is in a zone where there is a general Telmex outage and that there was no need for me to report the outage.

That is already some three hours since I noted the outage and I had already reported same soon after 10:20.


Oh well, at least they responded.  It wasn't too long ago that they did not send out such messages and we just had to guess whether Telmex was even going to respond.

Where did I get my message? On my Apple watch and later, when I checked, it was also my iPhone both via Telcel

Thank goodness I have IZZI cable for a backup for my internet. Yes I could use my iPhone as a hotspot or backup but that is a little more costly on my Telcel, Plan Amigo, package.


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That is the message. Trouble is I got three of them today. Message 1 and message 3 stated what you posted. However the one in-between incorrectly said everything was back to normal and if I was still having a problem that I should call 800 123 2222

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1 hour ago, Mostlylost said:

Up for a while then  back down at 5:20.

How did I get the message? Received  on my Andriod watch and on my Android phone via Telcel. Was it quicker than Petes notices? No se

Yes I probably got mine at the exact same time as you via Telcel on my Apple Watch and on my iPhone.

As I mentioned somewhere, how do I have internet when Telmex Infinitum is down? I have IZZI cable as a backup which I am on now

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Because I am using my backup internet, if Telmex internet came back on in upper West Ajijic, I never noticed. How do I check? I look at my Telmex modem and see if the internet light is back on. It's not on and I never noticed if it did come back on for a short time.

I just got another message 7 minutes ago saying my internet is back on. Well if it is, my internet light on my modem is still off. I will try rebooting it, You know, disconnect the power for more than 30 seconds (I always give it a minute)

I just disconnected and reconnected the power, and sadly, no change still no internet via my Telmex modem

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Well when I checked 5 minutes ago I was still not getting Telmex internet. I just checked again and the internet light on Telmex modem came back on, so I just changed to the Telmex modem and I'm getting my normal 19.7 5Mb/sec down by 5 up which is much faster than my backup internet.

I hope all of you have your internet again as well.

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