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New 20 peso coin in circulation

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LOL! I hate going to Canada and receiving loonies and toonies for change. I try to dump them as often as I can because, not only are they heavy, but, as coin, they cannot be exchanged into another currency. Anyway, I believe the 20 peso notes are mostly plastic anyway. Whatever, they'll try it again, like they have before. I'll just dump them quickly.

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I have three  1 peso Mexican coins, two of which are dated 1971 and the third dated 1974

I have one 5 peso coin which is dated 1978

And one 50 peso coin dated 1984.

They are all quite large and of course, very heavy.  Thank God they don't use them any more.

Changing countries. Did you know that Canada gave up the penny several years ago?  That's right. No more pennies in Canada

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