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Delivery Menu Week April 22 -26 We are trying something NEW

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Today we will are opening for another week of Home Delivery Service (we are offering delivery service Wed - Sat).

THIS week in addition to our Delivery Menu, and our Immune Boosting Soup Menu and our Sweet Treats Dessert Menu WE ARE ADDING  A Ready for the Freezer Menu. Items that you can slip into your freezer for later. They are in 1/2 Liter size which is good for 2 people or one big portion if you just want to splurge on some comfort food.

The absolute best meatballs in my famous marinara sauce
Mac and Cheese with baked ham
The Moroccan Veggies with garbanzos
Barbecue Pork with baked beans
All just 90 Pesos each half liter..
Enough for two regular servings or one
Giant Serving!
Delivery from 1:30 to 7 pm
Don’t forget Desserts and Ice Creams
Have a Safe Day


dessert 4.15.jpg

home menu 4.15.jpg

Ready for Freezer Menu 4.22.jpg

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As we start today another week of Home Delivery. I wanted to share this lovely review we just got on our tripadvisor page. Thank you for the love!


"Tonight we decided to order a few dinners and several liters of soup from Bobby’s. Oh how glad we are that we did! I have been doing a lot of cooking with the quarantine and we decided we wanted some of Bobby’s lovely dinners. Since we were ordering we ordered several extra meals, to minimize contact with their delivery person. Abraham took all precautions so we felt quite safe and our dinners were just as wonderful as we have grown to expect from Chef Bobby. Tonight we decided to eat the Lemon Shrimp and the Zucchini Parmesan for our dinners. In the picture I took, I did not show the lovely soup that accompanied our meals. We bought a liter of each of the 8 soups Bobby makes to put in the freezer. We will be well served for quite a while!

The zucchini was crisp and flavorful and the accompanying pasta in a spinach cream sauce was so fresh and flavorful. With all the spinach it tasted healthy while also being decadent. My husband had the Lemon Shrimp. He said that the natural sweetness of the large, meaty shrimp in the beautiful cream sauce was well balanced by the brightness of the goat cheese, the artichokes and the black olives. He pronounced the combination as “divine.” Bobby’s signature corn bread was a wonderful accompaniment.

Do not hesitate to place an order for delivery with Bobby. This is one of the restaurants which deserves to weather this crisis. Our dinner was top notch and we are looking forward to trying the other meals and the other soups we ordered."

deliverty picture.jpg

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Good Day my Friends Lakeside..
freezer ready half liters were so successful yesterday, that I’ve decided to add a few more for the week..

Chicken Breast Mole’ .. dark, sweet, spicy..with rice and pineapple
Paella - Bobby Style, Chicken, Spanish sausage, jumbo shrimp & mussels in A classic sauce with saffron rice
Beef Bourgogne..slow simmered in red wine with mushrooms, whole onions and baby potatoes
All just 90 Pesos a half liter

Ready for Freezer Menu 4.23.jpg

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