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23 minutes ago, oregontochapala said:

I buy mine through my BBVA account app.

You can buy them from Telcel.com and Telmex.com, too.

Use BBVA online to pay for Telcel, and notification of payment is immediate from BBVA via email and text from Telcel. I check the Telcel account to be triply sure!

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2 hours ago, mudgirl said:

You don't actually have to use a bank app or the MiTelcel. Just dial *133# and follow the prompts. You'll get a phone call back with recorded message where you input your debit card number. At least this works for pay-as-you-go paquetes, don't know about "plans". 

Only works with Amigo plans. (=prepaid)  For those of us who have a regular plan we are billed each month. 

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1 hour ago, Floradude said:

Or, you can always go to the main Telcel office in Plaza Interlago.  This is what I do every month to renew my package.  Only takes a few minutes.

Be sure to have you mask on and follow all guidelines for spacing, etc.


Yes.... much easier to get in your car, drive to a location, expose yourself to who knows what then drive home.

Why would anyone pay from the comfort of their home when a stay at home for non essential activities is in place. 

As Mr Spock would say .... Just not logical...   

There are so many ways to recharge an Amigo plan on-line   Choose one that you like and STAY AT HOME 


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  • 1 month later...

Hi Folks,  I hope everyone is staying safe.     HELP WITH OUT OF COUNTRY TELCEL RECHARGE 

I wish to know if anyone has any ideas to help me recharge my Telcel from Canada.  I topped up my account for 6 months before leaving, but I'm using a lot of extra data with covid19 and it is depleting my credit balance pretty quickly.

Telcel works great for calling MX, US and CD, however mitelcel.com does not work for adding credit to my account as it doesn't seem to connect when roaming. I can sign in via my computer, but when I try to pay they don't like the CD postal code so no joy that way.  MC, Visa and AmExp but no Telcel PayPall.   I've tried reinstalling mitelcel app on my phone, but it says app is not available in your country.  I've texted a couple of different Telcel help advisors, but no joy there too.  I've even tried recharge.com and mobilerecharge.com.  Recharge.com  takes my MC but only goes as far as authorizing, which is successful, then TelCel says pops up to try another payment method. I've tried Paypal,, same result, as in 'try another payment method".  Mobilerecharge.com  has said they were processing payment, and to wait a while - otherwise someone would contact me. Anyway that was yesterday.  De nada!  I even tried Worldremit.com who show they take payments for telcel, but they only only seem to allow you to pay outstanding bills or something.  My account is something like 280 pesos a month for phone and datam and I have a credit balance which is reducing fairly quickly with extra data use.

So -  short of sending money to a friend, who could maybe go to Telcel at Laguna and pay on my account on my behalf, might anyone have any electronic suggestions I might try.  I expect the same challenge  exists for folks in the USA who have a Telcel sim and wish to recharge.   Any and all suggestions will be greatly appreciated!

Thanks, t

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Go to 

 https://www.mitelcel.com/mitelcel/login    you already have an account just log in and pay.  Have done it many times while traveling  Guessing that you don't have a Mexican cc or debit card. 


Possibly    dial *133# and follow the prompts. You'll get a phone call back with recorded message where you input your debit card number.

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