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Last night there was a police truck going around a friends neighborhood broadcasting that all people had to be off of the streets at 7 pm.

This was after  7 pm.   I did not hear if they came down my street but I was watching TV so I could have missed it.                                                                                   Does anyone have any reliable information about a curfew?

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On facebook, facebook is the go to place right now. 

Someone asked what announcements are being said from the police driving thru town. Spencer McMullen (Chapala Lawyer) has given us the answer. Gracias Spencer.

 "(Three tones)
The Chapala Municipal Government invites you to stay home to avoid the rapid spreading of the coronavirus, with your help we can avoid massive infections of this illness. 
If it is not necessary to go out, stay at home. 
Remember if you take care of yourself you are taking care of everybody. 
(Three tones)

two tones two times


We are in a national public health emergency  
and Jalisco needs us  

We are calling on you to stay at home until April 30th   

Stay at home unless it is absolutely necessary, this measure is essential to avoid infection and save lives   

With fewer people in the streets there will be fewer people in hospitals
Stay at home, if you take care of yourself we all take care of each other"

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I live at the top of the hill next to Juarez in Ajijic and yes, I kind of heard something being said one evening last week. Were my Spanish perfect, I might have heard about 1/3 of the message. I just figured it was someone selling something and did not try to understand it.

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