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need real plumber please


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I stupidly improved the bathroom and it is a mess. 5 plumbers. three pumps. 2 on demand heaters.  now I have three drips in the house and the bomba is on 24/7 AND there is a flood in the street coming from my house. Each plumber made it a little worse. So I need a real plumber who knows what hes doing. Any ideas?

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20 hours ago, mkshawn said:

2nd Jose Luis Gonzalez  331 3264 662

a third thumbs up. I've used him many times and he does a good, fast , inexpensive job. I have to call him this week as our avocado tree has put out roots that buckled the tiles on our walkway. We dug it up and found that the big roots had crushed the drain pipe from the casita. We'll continue digging ,but Jose Luis will get to reroute the drain....

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