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Review: Charlotte's take out Pizza

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Ok...here it goes, and remember I am not a professional restaurant reviewer.....SIMPLY AMAZING!!! Called 376 766 0764 and talked to Lorrie, owner/hostess (good English) and ordered a large pepperoni/mushroom pizza to go. She said 15 - 20 minutes. I jumped in my truck and was there in 13 minutes. They are on the Liebriento, just off the small OXXO/Gas center housing Quality Care. Parked at the NE corner of the center opposite Quality Care and walked up 3 short stairs to a small path leading to the restaurant. Restaurant is closed but they have 3 equipales barstools spaced 2 mt. apart on the front patio for you to wait for the takeout. In 5 minutes my pizza box arrived...$170. I gave her $200 and was out of there and home in 13 minutes, a happy camper. You can see my prize in the attached photo. Plenty of cheese, pepperoni and mushrooms and the crust was perfect...not too thick or thin and nice and crispy. This is 3 complete meals for me including some fresh fruit from the many street vendors here. Charlotte's has a sandwich board in front with all their specials for take out, next time I will take a photo of that, but noticed they have another of my favorites there...Chilies Nogales. Yes, they have delivery service but I like my pizza direct from the oven and suspect that the delivery guy might be making multiple stops before reaching me so prefer to pick up. My rating will be a 5 on a 1 - 5 scale or an A+. No, I do not have stock or a partnership in Charlottes.


Charlottes Pizza.jpg

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8 minutes ago, Lily H said:

Looks great! Where's "Liebriento"?   

Ok, that would be the Libramiento, the cut-off highway from the Carretera (had to check the spelling here also) opposite Walmart going North. When you see the OXXO/gas station a short way on the right, swing in there past the pumps and follow my directions.

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Should be. Some of Lorries relatives took it over and reopened. I believe they still have that big wood fired oven. Their pizza was good because the used quality cheeses, sausages and vegetables. Many places, especially the franchise chains do not. They buy from "head office" which tries to source and negotiate the most affordable ingredients.

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