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How can I get the @ sign on a Spanish keyboard.

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I'm on a tablet.

Yes, I Googled it and was told to press the AltGr key and either the 2 key or the Q key.


I tried these two and they didn't work:

  1. Simultaneously hold down Control+Alt+@ keys. NOTE: The @ key will either be located on the Q or 2 key.
  2. Hold down the Alt key and type 64.

Help appreciated.


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There are at least 12 distinct flavours of Spanish and Latin American keyboards. Only the Asian manufacturer of the device knows for sure.

EDIT: Apparently my reading skills are fading... I completely skipped over the fact that he is using a TABLET, which means standard keyboard stuff does not work. Sadly for me, virgo's images below are correct.

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1 hour ago, moderator-2 said:

Thread cleaned up.  We're here to help each other not back bite.

Bravo Mr. Mod / Sheriff, but it still doesn't belong in the lakeside area.      But since no one has helped him yet.....pretty simple if talking the on-screen keyboard; just hit the number / symbol button in the lower left corner and the "@" sign will show up along with all the other numbers and symbols.    In this example, right below the "2" key.



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