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Local Bank hours during the shutdown

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I presume that banks are open during this partial shut down because folks need money to buy food etc. And my bank Actinver does not have ATM machines locally. In my case, it is not money that is needed. I just need to start my auto insurance renewal process there, as they provide me with my auto insurance and I renew through them every year.

I suddenly realized I had to start the renewal process this afternoon as my policy terminates On May 3rd. And I tried phoning immediately thereafter which was at 15:15. And no one answered

The banks do open every weekday,  don't they, but just for a short time?  Assuming I am  correct, does anyone remember their operating hours during this corona virus shutdown period?

Thanks in advance for any help you can give me

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2 hours ago, ea93105 said:

I tried to go to Bancomer today, twice. Each time there was a line of people about 20 long so I think I'll go before they open on Monday. Maybe today was extra busy being a Friday

was this the Bancomer in Ajijic or Chapala? The Ajijic branch had been closed for weeks...did they reopen?

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I love this forum. I was panicking about my car insurance that was about to need to be renewed at Actinver. And when I tried phoning them at 3:15 PM, no one answered.  So I explained the above on the first post of this topic, I got an answer, now I know what to do now Monday and I am calm.

Again thanks :) 


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