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I am looking for a DVD player with a working remote and

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He is talking about two things, perhaps poorly worded: One, he wants a cheap DVD player. Two, a way to get info transferred from an old floppy disk. Only older towers are going to have one of those. Even I don't have one anymore, because the format is extinct.

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So Telmex has your wife?  Are you trying to say that you do not know how to look it up but your wife does?  I must admit that often your posts confuse me..  I'm still waiting for an answer to how good your pizza was and whether you would recommend that pizza place or not after getting your pizza. Or couldn't  you find the place?

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Guess I missed it by not reading the confusing post closely. 

If one has an old tower with a floppy it probably won't have a USB port.  Finding one of the old floppy drives will be an antique hunt.  Possibly this will work


As for a DVD player with a working remote  New can be found for well under %500 in Soriana or Walmart.

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1 hour ago, Eric Blair said:

That is exactly what I mean Computer Guy.I think they do have some kind of a 3.5 in reader that goes to a USB port. When telmex decides to give me back my wife I'll be able to look that up.

That is to what I was referring in my other message to you. I just threw one out, last week, because with extra time on my hands I went through my piles of collected junk that I knew would never be called for again. It has been almost a decade since I last used the USB portable 3.5 floppy drive. Happens every time.

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