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Best way to get a refund on a cancelled flight

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What have people found to be the best way to get a refund on a cancelled flight. I paid for the Aeromar flight with Mastercard. I got my Mastercard bill today and I{m thinking of asking Mastercard not to pay Aeromar. 

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I got Master Card to start a dispute on the cancelled flight I was charged for. MC had some questions I could not answer like why was the flight cancelled. MC wanted me to dispute it with AEROMAR but I could not talk to an Enlgish speaking person there but my travel agent will.

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I just challenged a charge from Interjet on my credit card. I suspect the success of the challenge may have a lot to do with which credit company you have. Interjet will have to respond to the challenge but my card has already credited the amount back to me in the interim . 

I'm glad I used my US credit card where "the customer is always right" is more likely that here

We also had European trip planned, purchased with nonrefundable tickets but both Delta and KLM have a system in place to request refunds.  Don't have them yet, but a lot more comfortable that they will eventually be honored

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