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What are you paying your gardener?

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My gardener is over paid for how much he does.  He gets 87.5 pesos an hour.  He used to be decent but the last few months has been lackadaisical and leaves early.  I shorted him the hours he didn't work last week so he quit.  Good, now I don't have to pay finiquito.

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87.50/hour in CH. We've had our gardener ever since we first moved here (15 years ago) and always give a % increase at the first of the year. He comes in, does his thing, and goes. We don't clock him or demand that he be here at "X" time, just that it's day A and day B. He has a key to the outer gate, arrives, does his job and then leaves. We may or may not see him, depending on what we have going on. If we need something special done, he cheerfully does it. If it means extra effort, we give him extra. Hubby often joins him for a chat and a beer. We give holiday pay, more than the aguinaldo at Xmas, plus a decent Xmas basket. Any time off needed is given, no questions asked, and we still pay. Why? He's honest and hard working.

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