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Things Better NOB--They can go fishing!

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Yeah and they stayed stuck there.  What is funny about this?  Are you injecting politics into this thread?  Please don't.

No different than Hook 'Em and virgo lady's posts from Sunday.....see previous page......science, medical expertise,  and common sense / caution, over the opposite, is the watchword these days...one c

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Too cool. I reminds me that snow can be fun especially when you are younger,  Now give me a couple of days of snow per year when up North and I will remember how beautiful it was as I escape back to lakeside.

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A magnificent video worth watching. UPLIFTING! INSPIRING! Just click on the blue "watch on vimeo" bar and make sure your sound is on.


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Another great line from M*A*S*H relative to certain easing of restrictions already...if anyone can find the clip, please post it!   😉

Flagg: "I have permission to die in the attempt."
Hawkeye: "Good luck."
"If we had more men like you, we'd have less men like you"

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