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Sunday Easter Dinner Delivery

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Back in the kitchen, and gearing up for another week of delivery service. This week as well as Wed thru Sat delivery we are serving you for Easter Sunday.

This will not be the Easter we have all enjoyed in other years. Everyone's world has been turned on it's head and we are all concerned about our health and safety as we daily hear reports of the increasing death toll across the planet. I encourage all of you to stay safe and follow our National Health Authority's recommendations to stay home. The people to listen to are doctors and scientists not just the politicians who are often 5 steps behind in enforcing or enacting rules we need in place.

SOOOO climbing down from my soapbox let me explain how this Easter Sunday will work at Bobby's. I understand as a chef and restaurateur of over 45 years that we can not properly serve the number of customers in delivery we could serve in our dining room. So I am limiting myself to ONLY 40 orders AND ONLY by pre-order. I will accept these order up to Friday only. So l ask you please to place your order as soon as possible. Obviously it will be first come first serve. Early orders are much more likely to be able to have the entree AND the delivery time they prefer.

As always I appreciate your support and understanding. Easter is a time of Hope and I look forward to the future when this storm passes serving many of you again in the way we had been accustomed


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Thank you all for the support this Easter. I ended up accommodating more than I had originally planned (I find it so hard to say no to loyal customers who I count as friends). We worked hard to keep our delivery timetable. For any of you who's deliveries were later than planned; thank you for your understanding. Again both my staff and I appreciate your support

easter thank you.jpg

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